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Methods – A name that has revolutionized the way people drive their car. “One Stop” and your ultimate source for car parts and car accessories in India. Methods Automotive is synonymous with world renowned brands and revs up more than just heart beats. Having carved a niche for itself by earning many accolades in the automotive industry, Methods has spread its wings far and wide across the country.

In a deliberate attempt to meet the expectations of the auto buffs across the country, Methods has the world class and the state-of-the-art products lined up. Methods product portfolio has the world’s best airfilter K&N, by installing one in a vehicle can literally add an endless horse power gains from the internal combustion engine. Thule which gives best luggage carrying solutions is added to Methods portfolio along with the German car care brand Sonax which uses racing as test bed and launch pad for its high quality and high performance car care range. Methods product line also witness Sparco, the world leader in racing gear and accessories with the world’s best selling airfreshner Diax in its kitty. Methods portfolio also includes Koni which is one of the best automobile suspension manufacturers in the world along with Remus which is the world leader in Sports exhaust.

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A belief in people, and quality.

Spread across the country, Methods take the privilege to announce itself as the No.1 car accessories suppliers till now. With a growing product portfolio, Methods has also expanded in size. A fresh toddler having two members in the year 1990 has now more than 65 employees, working in different locations around the nation. Nonetheless, the No.1 premium car accessory distributor in India is hungry to deliver its services in emerging markets and retain its excellence throughout.

Way back in 1990, when the automotive industry was just about taking off, two guys with the ability to look beyond the horizon, started Methods Automotive. Kumar and Sham shared a passion for the automotive industry, and a deep desire to bring the latest international quality auto accessories to India. That was enough to set the ball rolling…

Spread across India, supported by an excellent infrastructure

Today, Methods has a presence across all major cities and towns of India, through car accessories’ distributors, car dealers and specialized service providers, making it very easy to support the vast customer base it has picked up over a relatively short period of time.

Our Culture

No company can progress without the help of those who are committed to the ideals and aspirations of the enterprise. Methods today comprises over 50 dedicated professionals who are well qualified and trained to carry out their tasks. A team that has some of the finest automotive engineers and marketing minds working towards a common goal.

The road ahead

Methods is now on overdrive. Tie-ups with leading international brands of performance kits and car accessories in India is rapidly taking the company forward. K&N Filters, the world’s leading brand of performance filters is one such example. Sparco riding gear for the racing segment is yet another

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

Brands we sell

Sonax is a world leader in car care products. The Sonax product portfolio covers a wide range of applications to keep a car clean and tidy. Sonax products protect and care for your car paintwork and along with that cleans and cares for dull paint. It removes stuck-on insects, tree resin droplets, bird droppings and tar stains as well. Sonax has solutions for all your requirements to keep the car/bike clean and glossy throughout life.

May what your problem be in case of your paint, interior, dash board, upholstery, tires, wheels, engine bay, glass, plastic surfaces, SONAX has a solution.

SONAX provides cleaning and protection solutions for:

  • Outside (body), paintwork & chrome. SONAX protects and cares for new and nearly new paintwork. It also cleans and cares with long-term protection for slightly dull paint. Highly efficient cleaning with high gloss effect for dull, heavily weather-worn paint. These body care products removes stuck-on insects, tree resin droplets, bird droppings and tar stains.
  • The interiors and windows are protected and cleaned by cleaner for the screen washer. Small scratches on plastic rear windows of convertibles, dirty insides of windows can be made spotless.
  • Plastic parts (interior and exterior), which are prone to fading need extra care. Dirty paneling, ceiling, plastic surfaces in the car interior can be made to look like factory fresh. Cleaning and care of matt cockpits with "soft-feeling" effect and deep effect of plastic materials is made possible with SONAX car interior cleaners.
  • Tires, wheels, and rubber parts can be cleaned and made to appear fresh and clean. Extremely dirty alloy and steel rims can be given back their luster. If one has a road-side break-down with a flat tyre, SONAX Tire Fix puts the car back on the road in a jiffy. Cleaning and protection for all car rubber parts and Acid-free Wheel Cleaner with Xtreme-Power will keep the tires, wheels and other rubber parts speck and clean.
  • Rusted screws, corroded moving parts, Squeaking and creaking noises, leakage in electrical circuits, Heavily oxidized and lumpy engine oil residues, Starting difficulties, uneven idling and reduced acceleration, Excessive oil consumption, engine failures….we all have a SONAX solution!!

SONAX is the official supplier for the WEST MCLAREN MERCEDES F1 team in the prestigious FORMULA ONE RACING.


Use the world’s best air filter to improve your vehicle’s power, efficiency and mileage.

What’s my air filter got to do with it ?
An air filter primarily filters the air entering the engine from outside. This air needs to be rich in oxygen to help the combustion in the engine’s cylinders. The better purified the air is, the better the oxygen content. The better the oxygen content, the better is the combustion, leading to better power and mileage. A performance filter like K&N keeps out particulate matter and improves airflow considerably. This impacts the engine’s efficiency, creating more horsepower and torque.

K&N High Performance Air Intake Kits

  • Increases horsepower, torque, and acceleration
  • Replaces entire factory air intake system
  • K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®
  • Easy to install performance improvement
  • Improves engine sound and looks great too

K&N Stock Replacement Air Filters

  • Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration
  • Excellent filtration for long engine life
  • Lifetime air filter with K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®
  • Simple drop-in performance
  • Available for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, diesels

K&N Oil Filters

  • esigned for high flow rates to improve performance
  • any filters feature a Wrench-Off Nut for easy removal
  • eavy duty construction
  • rovides excellent filtration to protect your engine
  • vailable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, diesel engines

K&N Universal Clamp-on Air Filters

  • Hundreds of sizes and shapes
  • Available to fit many types of air filtration needs
  • Designed to improve performance
  • Washable and reusable air filters
  • Search for filters by dimension

Sparco is a leader and a highly respected reference point in motorsport safety equipment and automotive performance accessories. Technical innovation, functional and unique design, and unparalleled quality make Sparco the choice of the world’s top racing drivers and racing enthusiasts.

Sparco has single mindedly followed the spirit of the performance oriented driver. At the same time evolved all those products that put him or her ‘safely’ in the driver’s seat.

A complete range of track and kart-specific full-face helmet. They are the result of a research and development process at the highest levels. In these products, Sparco has incorporated 25 years of experience on the racing tracks, from F.1 to Karting. After assessing the suggestions, demands and requirements of professional drivers, we have engineered them, transformed them into mathematical models, analysed them and created state-of-the-art products. These have been extensively tested and fine-tuned in the wind tunnel at the FIA-approved Research Centre. A project that has been run for some years and that is continuously developing in order to offer drivers an unequalled range of helmets at the highest level in terms of both technical features and safety credits.


When a bicyclist and a National Roadster collided on a Buffalo, New York, street late one rainy night in 1917, it was an impact felt around the world. Although the cyclist was not seriously injured, the accident was enough to profoundly shake the driver of the car, Buffalo theatre owner J.R. Oishei. Vowing that such an accident should never happen again, Oishei was determined to improve the ability of drivers to see during bad weather. The company Oishei formed, the Tri-Continental Corporation (later shortened to Tri-Co), introduced its first windshield wiper, Rain Rubber, for the slotted, two-piece windshields found on many of the popular automobiles of the time. Today, TRICO® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of windshield wiper systems, wiper blades and refills, with plants on five continents.

For premium performance wiper blades, TRICO brings you the latest technology. Teflon® surface protector, beam blade, and more.

The perfect union of conventional and beam blades, TRICO Dual-Shield® Hybrid Technology delivers superior performance. A powerful polymer shell protects the blade from the elements while the spring steel beam structure provides optimal windshield contact, offering both style and performance.

Restore your vehicle's windshield wipers back to original factory performance with TRICO Exact Fit® factory replacement windshield wiper blades.

Engineered to handle even the most severe weather conditions, these wiper blades are exceptionally durable and resist snow and ice build-up.


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